Purchase the Individual Vanguard Cards at Reasonable Prices

Gear chronicle is a clan that awakening of the inter-dimensional dragon. Units of the clan are themed around the equipment as well as automatons powered by gears and steam, wearing industrial revolution inspired clothing. It starts to take on surprisingly royal like play style. The clan is based on putting rear guards on the owner’s deck bottom and preventing the opponent from calling guardians with a certain grade. The keyword is added as a new focus without forgetting the previous mechanisms. The mechanic of permanently binding your own cards to gain more benefits and cards that superior call from the bind zone. The mechanics are referred to as altering some kind of aspects of the time and space due to introduction of the idea drone series and the expansion. The cards have ability to superior call from the deck.  Some cards in gear chronicle have abilities that allow people manipulate stride to advanced degree than other clans like increasing the grade of the cards in your hand or switching out one heart card for another when playing cost for stride.


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